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Do you need some help getting the most
out of that new or old camera,
this workshop is what you need!


Photography One-On-One!

You've invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in that new shiny camera with all those buttons and dials, now it is time to get it out of "A"(Automatic) or "P" (Program), depending on your camera selection. I am offering camera courses where I can teach you how to get the most out of that new purchase.

I've seen a lot of courses offered and I've actually taken a few just to see what the competition was offering you. All the classes I have taken so far have come up sort, just telling me where to set the buttons but not explaining how or why? What I find most often is they assume you know a lot more than you actually know and all want to cram it in a really short amount of time.

The class will be approximately four-five hours.

I will teach you:
• Basic DSLR terms.

• Camera operation.

• What do all those buttons mean and do for me?

• Use in the field.

• How to bring Aperture, Shutter, and ISO together to make and take great pictures.

• How to take your camera out of the Full Auto (A) mode and make choices for your situation.

• We will take lots of photographs at a location of your choosing.

Your satisfaction is the main priority, and each class is tailored to the individual photographer and their equipment.

The 1/2 day (approximately 4-5hrs) One-On-One class will cost $249.00, a small investment to learn how to take that new purchase and make many cherished memories for you and your family over the life of your DSLR.

(Check regularly for Discount Coupon Savings)
Book soon,
 Classes are still available!
(615) 585-4531 to Schedule

One-On-One Photography Class Testimonials

"Good Morning Leslie, Thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the class last night. I feel much more comfortable with my camera and look forward to Monday's meeting. I plan to get some shots of the snow today. I will bring samples to the class. Thanks again for the time you spent in preparation and your presentation of the information. I rate it five stars.


Thomas Whitman"

“My wife and I had purchased a Nikon DSLR a year ago and wished we had known about Leslie Wilkes’ One-On-One class earlier!  There are so many settings and buttons on our camera that we didn't know where to start so we always used the 'Auto’ function of our camera.  Who would have thought that after only 4 hours with Leslie, my wife and I will never use the 'Auto’ selection ever again!! Leslie took the time to teach us how to use OUR camera and gave us useful tips to make our pictures always look incredible.  If you have a camera and are still stuck using the 'Auto’ function, do yourself and anyone that views your pictures a favor and take Leslie’s class….you'll be thankful you did!

Keval & Sheena S."

"Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the one on one training with you this past Sunday. A lot of good info and ideas on my hobby of eagle watching and photography. Look forward to getting out of my habit of shooting in automatic all the time and getting better shots. Your info on Light Room was helpful too.


Steve H."


Thanks so much for our photography lesson! I learned a ton and it really helped having the notebook to take notes in and go back over today! I couldn’t wait to get started trying out new techniques. You really made everything very accessible.

Thanks again!

Betsy T."


Got back from Africa a few days ago and I'm still going through the 2500+ pictures from the trip but I thought I'd share a few of the ones that I think came out pretty well. Haven't started playing with Lightroom yet so these are just cropped and touched up in Picasa. I shot everything in RAW but I didn't figure you really wanted 100 meg of attachments.

Thanks again, it was well worth the money.

Mike J,"

"Thanks for all the information you shared with me about my camera.  Now I know what "S" and "A" really mean!"

Jenn C.

"I took a one on one photography class from Mr. Wilkes.  He is very knowledgeable from setting up the shot, camera settings, lighting and post editing.  I learned so much about my camera during that one session.  He even provides a reference manual.  To say the least, this experience was invaluable to me as an amateur photographer.  I would highly recommend to any amateur/novice photographer."

Lisa B

"I just wanted to say that I enjoyed my One-On-One class with Les on 6/6/2014.  Les' One-On-One class is the best! Les was very familiar with all my camera gear.  Having his full attention made the difference.  He made me feel comfortable.  When it came time to shoot, he was very helpful and gave good constructive feedback on my photos.  I put his teaching to use all weekend by using my husband & my dog as models!!  Practice really helps.  You can always delete bad ones.  Thank you Les!"

Bev B.

"I took Leslie Wilkes photography one on one and it was awesome!  I learned everything I needed to know about operating my new camera.  He had a binder of information ready for me and helped me understand some of the basics.  He answered all of my questions and helped me get excited about taking pictures!  I highly recommend taking his instructional classes.  He's a professional that is understanding and easy to learn from!  Thanks Mr. Wilkes!!"

Angie A.

"Leslie did a fantastic job of ensuring that I had the fundamentals of photography down by the time our session was over.  I now feel much more confident and capable of capturing those shot's I've always wanted to capture.  He gave me the tools necessary to equip me for success.  He left me with a well thought out binder full of useful information and examples.  I couldn't have asked for a better One-On-One session with a professional photographer.  I highly recommend Leslie to  anyone interested in becoming better skilled in photography."

Ashley M.

"First, I would like to say this is an unsolicited recommendation and the only one I have ever written.  I met Mr. Wilkes recently, when I took one of his DSLR classes.  After the class and his help, I felt this time I had to take the time to personally recommend his classes to anyone, at any skill level, who is interested in photography.  Personally, I was really only familiar with 35mm photography before this class.  Sure, I had used a DSLR camera in auto mode, but was never satisfied with the results.  The pictures were never as good as I  had gotten when I was in control of my 35mm.  So I wanted to learn how to, once again, be in control.  The class was so much more than I had ever expected.  I was astounded by Leslie's level of knowledge, patience, understanding, and his inate ability to teach!  We covered so much in the ample time he provided.  He also included, and extensive easy to understand, teaching manual.  He ensures if you forget anything you can either look it up, or contact him for help.  He offers help to his students, at anytime, and for any reason!  Many people who offer training of any kind, make thjis promise, but seldom follow through!  Not Leslie!  He followed through several times, when I needed his guidence and expertise while I was working on a project!  Each time I have called, he has either answered or returned my call in less than five minutes!  He's always happy to hear from me and eager to help in any way he can.  He is a wonderful educator and person!  Even though he knows so much, he speaks on a level anyone can understand.  I find some educators are more interested in impressing you, rather than teaching you.  It's truly apparent he cares for his students.  He has been an excellent mentor!  I would recommend his classes to anyone, whether you are a novice or a pro who wants to perfect their craft!"

Teala W.

Many thanks for my first lesson.  I feel I know my camera much better and your handbook keeps me refreshed.  Your presentation was most informative and for a neophyte very understandable, even the part about aperture and shutter control.  I am practicing but must wait until Christmas season is over to really study.  I am looking forward to another lesson!

Many Thanks,"

Dick C.

"Hi Leslie,I wanted to thank you again for my training session.  I am much more confident with my new camera and can't wait to learn even more.  Without your assistance, I would have opted to stay in the auto mode, and now that just seems foolish.I look forward to being able to work with you again soon!"

Connie T.

 “Mr. Wilkes, I thoroughly enjoyed your photography class last Sunday. While I was already pretty familiar with the components that make up exposure (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) the refresher was welcome and the practical application was invaluable - I was pretty solid on what it was but you taught me how to use it to my advantage. In addition, the post processing was also greatly appreciated. I am attaching the shot of the Schemerhorn fountain (I placed Jeff’s image on my photography Blog) as both the camera and LR processing as JPG. The Lightroom image is the one ending in LR - which I like much better. Again, thank you for your efforts and I am looking forward to my next class.”

Jeff B.

“I learned so much I learned so much and feel much more comfortable with the camera. I was driving back from Alabama yesterday and the sunset was beautiful. I wanted to stop and take some pictures but I was on a dangerous road and could not stop. I will be on the lookout for photo ops. I will contact you when I am ready for more training.”

Ellen B.

“I recently had a One-on-One photography lesson with Leslie & I learned more about the use of my camera in 4-5 hours than I had learned since purchasing it a few years back. I never understood the "S", "A" & "M" settings, thus the majority of my pictures were made in the "auto" setting. ( I could probably have made the same quality of pictures with my cell phone camera). Leslie was very patient and a great teacher. After one lesson, I feel much more knowledgeable about the use of the camera and more confident in experimenting with setting changes in the "M" (manual mode), to produce sharper and more creative images. I highly recommend Leslie Wilkes if you need help with understanding the "how’s" & "whys" of your camera and/or tips to help you become a better and more creative photographer. I am planning to take additional lessons in the near future to build on what I have learned.”

Barbara E.

“Leslie was not only professional in his approach and technical understanding of photography but made the experience of learning fun and not intimidating. The time together was so valuable that I’ve even gone back for more help! Being able to customize the class time to my needs and questions is a great benefit too. Leslie is a great resource and someone I will rely on for ongoing support. “

Carey A.

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Leslie during a one-on-one lesson. Leslie walked us (novices!) through all of the buttons and settings on our camera and helped us understand how to better use our camera and improve our photography skills. I had previously taken a photography course but even the "beginner level" course was a bit too advanced for me. Leslie did a great job helping us understand the basics and also provided us with a very helpful packet of information to reference as we practice in the future. After spending time getting to know our camera, Leslie then worked with us during a shoot. I was very impressed with the amount of time Leslie spent with us; he was flexible and very patient. I would definitely recommend a one-on-one lesson with Leslie, regardless of your current photography skill level. He will help you get to the next level (or far above!)."

Kelly O.

"I purchased a One on One session with Leslie through a Style BluePrint deal. We met for several hours reviewing camera basics, post production work, and the creative side of photography. It was a great hands-on approach, and we ended up meeting at my house which was very convenient. Leslie is incredibly talented, as well as being communicative and patient. He catered the experience to my specific needs, and I am already taking much better shots. I am ready to sign up for another tutorial!"

Paiden H.

“I took the one on one photography class from Leslie. He spent about five hours with me. We went over the camera and the different settings. After that we went out taking pictures in downtown Nashville late in the day and into the early evening. I felt the session was very informative and now I'm trying to reinforce what I have learned. One very important thing I learned was the importance and benefits of using the tripod. I would do this again.”

Pat S.

I enjoyed working with each and every one of you.
-Leslie Wilkes – Owner/Photographer

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