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Photography One-On-One!

You've invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in that new shiny camera with all those buttons and dials, now it is time to get it out of "A"(Automatic) or "P" (Program), depending on your camera selection. 
I am offering camera courses where I can teach you how to get the most out of that new purchase. I've seen a lot of courses offered and I've actually taken a few just to see what the competition was offering you.   All the classes I have taken so far have come up sort, just telling me where to set the buttons but not explaining how or why? What I find most often is they assume you know a lot more than you actually know and all want to cram it in a really short amount of time. 
The class will be five hours.

I will teach you:
• Basic DSLR terms.
• Camera operation.
• What do all those buttons mean and do for me?
• Use in the field.
• How to bring Aperture, Shutter, and ISO together to make and take great pictures.
• How to take your camera out of the Full Auto (A) mode and make choices in Manual (M) mode.
• We will take lots of photographs at a location of your choosing.

Your satisfaction is the main priority, and each class is tailored to the individual photographer and their equipment.

The 1/2 day (approximately 5hrs) One-On-One class will cost $149.00 a small investment to learn how to take that new purchase and make many cherished memories for you and your family over the life of your DSLR.

Book soon, classes are available!

<span><h3><a href=""><span style="color:yellow">**Please Check Calendar for Availability**</h3></a></span>
(615) 585-4531 to Schedule</h2></span>

<span style="color:red"><h2>One-On-One Photography Class Testimonials </h2></span>

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Leslie during a one-on-one lesson. Leslie walked us (novices!) through all of the buttons and settings on our camera and helped us understand how to better use our camera and improve our photography skills. I had previously taken a photography course but even the "beginner level" course was a bit too advanced for me. Leslie did a great job helping us understand the basics and also provided us with a very helpful packet of information to reference as we practice in the future. 

After spending time getting to know our camera, Leslie then worked with us during a shoot. I was very impressed with the amount of time Leslie spent with us; he was flexible and very patient. I would definitely recommend a one-on-one lesson with Leslie, regardless of your current photography skill level. He will help you get to the next level (or far above!). 

- Kelly

I purchased a One on One session with Leslie through a Style BluePrint deal.  We met for several hours reviewing camera basics, post production work, and the creative side of photography. 
It was a great hands on approach, and we ended up meeting at my house which was very convenient.  Leslie is incredibly talented, as well as being communicative and patient.  He catered the experience to my specific needs, and I am already taking much better shots.  I am ready to sign up for another tutorial!

- Paiden

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